Embed Cplane into block


I’m using Rhino on Windows and I’m trying to embed a Cplane into my block. I know in AutoCad, you can include a UCS (Cplane) into your block , but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it in rhino. The reason why I am wanting to do this is b/c I am trying to lay flat parts of a shelving unit to be cut by a CNC machine, and I don’t want to do it all manually, as I will be using multiple programs so I would like block to be ‘inserted’ laying flat.

Please help!

Hello - I guess, if I understand what you want to do, RemapCPlane from their current plane to Top, then create the block. Does that do anything good?

! _RemapCPlane _Pause _CPlane Top



No, that doesn’t seem to be doing what I need. I want to attach a cplane to an object (preferably a block), and have it stick to the object when I open it up in another software (eg AutoCad). Does this make sense?

Hello - no - there is no provision for that that I know of. I was hoping that setting the orientation of the object to World as it is the the current CPlane would be helpful, I guess not…


Thanks Pascal,

I will leave this forum open to anyone else who is having this same problem or has a solution.

The Construction plane is a setting stored in a viewport. It’s not something that can be attached to an object.

Rhino is a “right-handed, Z-up” application.
Some other modelers use a different orientation.
Generally you can rotate the geometry in Rhino to match the target applications preferences so export/import works more smoothly.

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Can you post a sample file with a block and expected result/behavior?

enclosed pls find the sample.
this file is import from autocad.

未命名.3dm (259.0 KB)