Embed an already placed picture frame bitmap?

Is it possible to embed a Picture frame bitmap that has already been placed and scaled, without going through the Picture frame command and select embed bitmap option?

I have a file I started with 20+ images on layers and i want to send it to a work colleague and it would be nice that she doesn’t have to import and scale all the drawing again.

Thanks, «Randy

Windows Rhino has a feature in Options > Doc Properties > Rendering to “Save supports files in 3dm file”. This uses a tool in the RDK which is not in Mac Rhino.
As far as I can tell, the only way to embed the images in the file is at the time you create the PictureFrame surface.

Unfortunately, you’ll either need to send an archive with all of the images used by the PFs in your file, or replace them as you described.

I just chatted with a developer and the plan is to move this function and a few others out the this RDK tool and into another library called OpenNURBS. The advantage is then we can make these tools work the same on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Thanks John,

I was just curious, but your explanation sounds like you guys are moving forward with great ideas to work cross platform.

I just dupBorder on all the images, then ran picture frame with the embed option. This at least saved the scaling of all the images, since none of them were trimmed from the originals.


Randy, @John_Brock, as a workaround, you can try


This will embed the image in the bitmap table, not the same thing as the rdk does but, it is what the PictureFrame command does when you choose to embed.


Thanks Pascal,

I will give it a shot shortly.