Emap in One Viewport

Is this possible in any way? Perhaps some kind of fudge with a material that references the original emap and a specific display mode? Although I guess the point of eMap is that it generates a custom mesh too for while it’s running.

yes this is possible (more or less) if you make a rendered mode and specify a single material for all objects. Make a custom material with an environment map into the environment slot. It will use the display mesh though as you already noticed

Sorted. Great. Surprising that for that custom material slot it doesn’t yet accept a pre-made RMTL etc.

Does a good job. Then SetObjectDisplayMode means I only have the Emap on the objects I want, in the one view. Think there are probably some more cool customisations I could make, probably with just simply assigning materials via Macro to any rendered display mode.

Hello - What does not work about EMap when OneView is enabled? Seems OK here…


Ah sorry - slight mispronunciation by me. By one view I mean in one viewport. Edited.

Out of 4 views, say, I just wanted the Emap in only one of them. As Gijs pointed out though, it does kind of defeat the object a little given the meshing won’t be as fine as with Emap command.