Emails: Rhino Accounts - New sign-in activity

How do I turn off the automated emails that tell me there’s new sign-in activity on my account? I’m the only one that uses it so this is useless info. Every time I log into the forums I get a new email.

I’ve looked at my account settings and there’s no setting to turn off communication preferences.

This is a security feature. The email is only sent if the system detects that you’ve logged in from a different device or country.

@will - I’m logging in from the exact same machine every time and the same external IP address. I do use Click&Clean extension in Chrome that clears the browser cache every time I exit Chrome. Do you think that would be causing the issue?

Yep. If you don’t want the emails, you can make a filter in GMail to delete them before you see them. We think sending these notifications is important for people to receive, to make sure their account isn’t compromised.