Email + newsletter required to download Rhino (even when signed in)

This is just a very minor annoyance, and I’m not sure if it belongs in this forum, but I think I supply my e-mail to McNeel about once a month for the last few years.

When I try to download Rhino from here

Right now, even when signed in (and I’m subscribed to the McNeel newsletter with two e-mail addresses). I’m obliged to sign up for the newsletter to download software I bought.


Did I miss an obvious way to download this without supplying an e-mail address?

Otherwise I can imagine that in a new iteration far in the future you could make it so (1) you don’t have to fill it in when logged in, (2) possibly you’re not obliged to sign up for a newsletter. (is this still cool in 2020?)

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Logged 1) for @brian as WWW-1282 Don’t ask for user e-mail when already logged in with Rhino Accounts

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@arendvw , for what it’s worth, you can always in Rhino go through Help > Check For Updates ... > Check Now.... That’ll give you a direct download link if there is a newer version available. You can even change frequency from Service Release to Service Release Candidate for more frequent updates - generally once a week.

Also, having the Check Now … link accessible even when you don’t have automatic updates enabled I logged already three years ago: RH-40838 Be able to use Check Now… link without enabling updates and usage statistics

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