Email linked to licence is now unaccessible


I can’t start rhino, because my email account linked to the licence is not accessible anymore. Now I can’t migrate the licence to my new Macbook Do you know how to solve this problem, please?

Thank you,


Yes, you will need to contact McNeel sales for your region and have them reset the license e-mail. As it’s a long weekend (Easter) in many parts of the world, it may not happen until Tuesday.

Thank you, unfortunately I live in one of those parts of the word, and I’ll have to wait!

Does the email need to be “valid” when it’s already set up for this to work?

they send a link to the email paired with your licence and you need to be able to validate it

use a 90 day trail version with your new email on your new hardware.
(not sure - if you migrated if this works)

Thanks Tom, it does not work if you have migrated it, however it works with my wife’s macbook :)… happy days! it should keep me going until the Easter Bank-holiday is over