Email button.. bug?

Hi, I’m having some issue with the email button.
I’m trying to use the email button with everything set, but once I click for sending the email the platform gives me back this error:

“Sorry, there is no data to be exported for these parameter settings.”

I don’t need a 3d model, but I’ve filled all the fields in the gh file to be sure.

could anyone help me? Thanks

Does it happen if you internalize the geometry in the “Geo” component and upload the definition? Could you share a minimal version of the definition that causes the issue?

@lodovicobruno I found the issue: our shared system is still running Rhino 6. I think you have created your model in Rhino 7 and the export options are set to export to a version 7 3dm file. Switch it to version 6 and it should fix the issue.

great, with version 6 now it works fine! Thank you.
Is it necessary to export some geometries? Or may I have just an email with some text inside?

Interesting request :slight_smile: . Yes, for now the export component requires that you export something… We will think about making it work with no file. Your use case would be to just export a custom text and maybe the list of parameters used?

yes,the 3dm file is not important, the body of the email will be enough for a first contact between customer and company.

We just released a new version of the plugin (1.9.3, currently in beta release on the package manager), which automatically corrects the 3dm version used for exports, so this issue should not happen anymore.

great! Thank you for your support