Elliptical Paneling Grid


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I am trying to generate an elliptical paneling grid so that I can recreate the geometry in the image attached. I have tried to generate a grid from surface but that gives me a square grid. Using the Polar Grid options seemed to be the way forward but I am still unable to create an elliptical grid. I am fairly new to this so any hints and tips on how to approach this would be very helpful.

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If you have no problems with plug-ins, you could try “Lunchbox”. It has a “diamond panel” and a “diagrid structure” component.

Hi @gabrielsorensen there are a couple ways you can do that with PanelingTools. First you can generate your elliptical curves, and generate your grid by dividing the curves. The other is to create a surface by lofting the inner and outer curves, then divide the surface (by domain). Let me know if this helps