Elliptical Fillet

In the solid modeler I used to use, there was a useful tool: Elliptical fillets. Is there a way to do that in Rhino?

No. You need to model those manually.

Modeling an ellipse manually will be simple on linear will be simple. The object I have in mind isis very curvy and has variable widths. I’ll have to experiment a bit.

Thank you for your help.

Do you need an exact ellipse?

Hello - If the fillets happen to be 90 degrees or less, (i.e. 3 control points across, normally) you can select the middle row and monkey with the control point weight (Weight command). What hppens where they collide is another matter…


In Rhino, elliptical fillets with/without lead will be all manual work.

An alternative could be to find a colleague with SolidWorks where with the Asymmetric Fillet elliptical fillets are a piece of cake. You can even obtain G2 continuity (but then it’s no longer a true elliptical quadrant).