Elliptical curve tangent curve

Hi All !

How can I obtain the tangent curve between two elliptical curves ? (Red)

Is there a way also to control the tangent curves curvture ? (How much it bends)

Hi @ahmadalhiyali,

As a longtime user, you could at least have been so kind as to provide a GH file with the base geometry!
That said, this is pretty easy to do with the BiArc component, which draws a bi-arc between two points and tangents. The segment weight can be controlled by the ratio input R of the component.

In your case, you can simply get a point on each ellipse. If you use Eval (Evaluate Length), you not only get the points but also the tangent at their locations on the curve.

Iā€™d also encourage you to take a look at this.

biarc.gh (5.8 KB)



Thank you for your reply. I have now read the article on how to ask questions effectifly on the forum. I will make sure to do so next time.

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