Ellipse grid snap with user defined CPlane


I don’t know if this is something inherent in how an elipse is made or a bug, but I find I cannot snap to a grid on a user defined cplane for the second input of the elipse from center command.

I can with any of the default cplanes though.

Maybe because the “resolution” ratio between the length of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis goes under a certain limit that prevents it from aligning along the grid on the user defined cplane?

Hi BabaJ- I guess I need an example…


Hi Pascal,

Here’s a file with a user defined cplane.

First axis for elipse starting at cplane origin and going vertical, no problems with any ‘grid point’ ( where the grids cross ).

However, going horizontal one cannot place the second elipse point on any gridline crossing.

Elipse Snap to Grid.3dm (37.3 KB)

Yeah… - if you run Plan first, the snaps work but they should anyway… Your existing ellipse is not in the CPlane…

still poking…



Hmmm…interesting “…Your existing ellipse is not in the CPlane…”

I wonder why…my steps while in perspective viewport:

perspective drop down menu - Set Cplane > user defined plane

perspective drop down menu - Set View > Plan

then draw elipse as above