Elk2 plugin

Tell me a good site where I can draw out the relief for the Elk2 plugin?


You can download from here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/elk


I download GEOtiff from the “USGS Earth Explorer”, but it’s not correct, I need another source where I can download terrain information. to insert into this node.

Check this out there is alternate solution available I guess.

Hi - could you explain what is wrong? Is the information in the file outdated or does it just not work at all?

You could take a look at Gismo and probably other plug-ins.

I download a geotiff file from this site.

And I know for sure that in the selected area there is a strong elevation difference. But when I connect this downloaded file to Elk, it does not display correctly.

when I download a file with CADMAPPER, the terrain is displayed correctly.

Thanks - that’s a bit more information but I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on.

Are you using that exact same geotiff file in different programs and getting different results, or are you using different programs that each use different data?

I use the same geotiff. pink painted relief that uses elk.

there should be a big difference in height in this place

CADMAPPER is an independent site from which you can get a model of buildings, roads and terrain, but only with a limited area (1 square kilometer). I imported it for clarity, so that you understand what kind of relief should actually be

Well, all that tells me is that two different programs are using two different datasets. That makes it impossible to tell if something is wrong or not. I know that QGIS can read geotiff files so you could use that to convert it to a format that can be read into Rhino to check that dataset. Or just use a different way of getting data into Grasshopper - such as Gismo.

Most likely, however, you will either have to stitch together maps from CADMAPPER or contact your local (national) mapping authority to get a hold of quality data.

Hi @wim, the OP has a point though. He knows that said area has abrupt elevation changes, but he is not seeing them with Elk.

So either the data from USGS is wrong (not likely) or something is wrong with Elk (could be developers or user). Maybe OP is doing something wrong.

@sambrari95 could you upload your GH definition to the forum and if possible the data you are using? If it is too large, you could provide the coordinates of the data so we can download it ourselves from USGS and try it.

@ShynnSup - I’m not convinced that it’s unlikely that public data from USGS is low detail for a place that appears to be in Russia.

This location is located in Kiev in Ukraine.
geographically circled the map with a red line

Elk.gh (8.0 KB)
Downloads.rar (2.9 MB)

in the archive osm files. and geotiff.

upload file geotiff with such settings

Hi - it looks like you are comparing apples to oranges when you put the GeoTIFF result next to the CADMAPPER result.

When opening the GeoTIFF in QGIS, it looks like this:
and the properties say that the pixel size is 2" by 1" (where " obviously is arc-seconds). For a 1801 by 3601 pixel image at the latitude of Kiev, this results in a 71 by 71 km area. The CADMAPPER area, by contrast, looks to be in the order of magnitude of a few 100 meters in each direction.

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Please tell me the procedure, so that everything works correctly in Grass)

Hi - by the looks of it, everything works correctly in “Grass”. It’s just that the data that you are using (the GeoTIFF) doesn’t have the detail that you require - you only get 1 point of input for every 40 by 20 meters - and is way over-sized for the area that you are interested in. You “just” need to get the right input data somehow.

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where can I get this “correct input”


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Suppose I pull out the relief through cadmapper. How do I tie gis data from a “open street map” to this terrain?