Elk - Reduce the amount of points output

Hello Rhino Community,

I’m currently using Elk to process large amounts of data coming from .hgt files. I am trying to create a topographic map for a whole country. The problem is that the files are far too accurate.

I’ve been exploring two avenues for reducing the amount of points output:
-Through the use of cull command
-Through the use of list items
The only effect I get is reducing the amount of column of points in the x axis.

For some reason, I cannot get the software to reduce the amounts homogenously in the x & y-axis at the same time. I’ve got a feeling my issue comes from my knowledge of managing data trees. I really can’t find the answer to this one.

PointReduction.zip (700.5 KB)

Like that?

reduce_points.gh (5.4 KB)

Brilliant Tim, you figured it out. Thank you very much