Eliminate specific coordinates

I would like to be able to eliminate these specific coordinates when they jump by 100 I I want to delete that point and the two adjacent points … don’t even know where to begin, please help … TYIA

eliminate specific coordinates.gh (9.9 KB)

I think this accomplishes your goal.

240507a_eliminate_specific_coordinates.gh (11.2 KB)

Includes option to cull the points or replace them with nulls.

Point and Expression components show errors because your input list contains nulls but they still work as expected.


thank you @kev.r that works great the one issue I run into is if a point is a little off … how do we tweak it to round to the nearest whole number before removing the lines? Thank you so Much!


Added round(x,0) expression to Point component. I think this should address this issue.

240507b_eliminate_specific_coordinates.gh (11.3 KB)


@kev.r … Next I’d like to gather all the distances between the points on either side of the higher point then total the length of those points … can what you created be modified to do this or is it an entirely different process?