Elevate with rules an horizontal curve

I want to design the roof of a building that has an organic shape. I solved this problem using a road design software civil 3d but I want to see if I can achieve this directly in rhino. I am new to Rhino. So the task is to elevate properly a horizontal curve.
This is one of the curves I want to elevate. First I want to unfold the curve.
Then in front view, I will design with rules how I will elevate the unfolded curve.
The third step would be to project the original unfolded curve to designed in front curved designed profile.
the final step would be to fold the new 3d curve in the original 2d curve.
That would be the result.

The goal is to design a roof like that using the rail command.

Thank you.

I suppose no answer means no way to do it manually without using grasshopper?

Hi @ar00302
I think the lack of an answer is primarily due to the fac that your question is a little hard to understand - what is it you are trying to do? You might want to attach a Rhino file with your curves to your post - maybe seeing the curves will make it easier to understand, what you are trying to achieve. Rhino might very well be able to do it, but I, for one, am not sure what you are asking. It might be sweep1 with the roadlike option, but I’m not sure…
HTH, Jakob

It’s not the sweep the problem. The problem is to convert my 2d curve in a 3d curve by following some rules. So there is no point to just adjust a file with a 2d curve. Use whatever 2d curve and make it 3d by elevating both ends with a slope

Ah, now I get it! Use flow on your elevation curve. Use the straight curve as the base curve and the curved one as the target. Then use the resulting curve to sweep.

Thank you for your reply but that doesn’t work

I just re-read your original explanation - I still don’t get it, but here’s a quick clip of what I understand from your post. If that’s not it, I think you should reconsider your wording and pictures - and again, post your curves/geometry, so that someone might actually understand what you are talking about.


omg, you are right. That’s exactly what I want. Fabulous. I’ve done it wrong.
Thank you very much. I use Rhino for one month because my Revit projects are getting very complicated. Very powerful.
Thanks again

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Hi @ar00302
Glad it worked out :slight_smile: