Elevate faceted/ curved wall

Hi All,

I’d like to elevate a faceted wall in Revit (shown in orange)

The way I’d normally do this in Revit is to create a series of local elevations (one for each wall segment) and stich them together so it looks like one elevation.

That’s pretty painful and I was wondering whether there is a better way for this?

In particular as the wall was create with RIR in the first place.

Any ideas would be v. much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Probably just create a series of walls and set the bottom offset to the desired elevation?

Hi @eirannejad,

thanks for getting back to me.

Just to clarify the wall is already been created.

I was after an automated way to create an ‘unfolded’ elevation view of that wall.

Not sure thats possible?

Many thanks,


Hm yeah that might need a gh definition that finds the wall pieces, reads their length, bottom and top offset and actually draws the wall elevation using 2d lines.
Or create lots of elevations aligned to the axis of the wall and place them side by side (I personally don’t like this method)