Elements with 3 fixed sizes and random pattern along curve

Dear fellow Grashoppers,

I am wondering if it is possible, to create a distribution of 3 different repeating elements along a curve? I need the space between each element to always be the same

More specifically; is there a way to create a facade with a randomized pattern composed of 3 slat sizes and fixed spacing? (side note: I want to connect this to Archicad)

Referencing curves in Archicad and creating the desired dash pattern works out just fine, however I haven’t come up with (or found) a correct way to go from this pattern list to a bunch of ‘mini walls’ or columns (I’ll use either the wall or beam Archicad component to build up the façade).

If you have any tips, please enlighten me!

Thank you!

Hello @Laura6 ,

You just need to create a list of sizes, duplicate as necessary and then randomise these using the jitter component. Then the mass addition component does a cumulative sum at each step, which you can use to space out the items along a curve (in the example below just a line). Add a value for the gap size and just add this before you do the sum.

There is a little manipulation of the list, just to add a zero at the beginning and remove the last item before the points are made using Evaluate Length.

Hope this helps,


RandomAlongCurve.gh (10.5 KB)