Element.ParameterGet - Speed issue

I noticed that the Element.ParameterGet component is running significantly slower in the latest version of RiR. I compared a RiR version downloaded 10/4 to versions downloaded 11/5 and 11/13. Both newer versions are extremely slow (tested for 10 elements, 6 parameters each: 50ms in 10/4, 50s in 11/5 or 11/13). Could you take a look at this? I’d be happy to just use the version of 10/4, but that will expire in a few days.


I was using this function before the change you mention.
This function is fast but no deterministic and its behavior may change between Revit versions as you can read in the Remarks section of the documentation.

Now this component looks into all parameters that the element has and returns the first parameter that matches that name, prioritizing order of creation of parameters in the model. This way a new parameter will never override a previous referenced one and built-in parameters will have priority over project or shared parameters.
Is not perfect but at least deterministic as long a you use same Revit language you used for authoring your Grasshopper definition.

For those reasons there are other ways of referencing a parameter that do not have those problems and are much faster like referencing a specific parameter using a Parameter param or using Element.Decompose component, both resolve ambiguity when you place them on the canvas not on each iteration.