Element geomtry component slow with model groups


I’ve noticed that when I select multiple elements from a Revit file and use element geometry component it is super slow if some of those elements are model groups.

With model groups, it takes almost 2mins. Ungrouped model groups take around 6 sec. I’ve tried with and without detail level but it made no difference.

In Dynamo you can simply get model group members, get only unique elements and then get their geometry. It is all pretty fast.

Is there any reason why the component is so slow?

Thanks for the info. So 1 instance of the exact same geometry ungrouped takes 6 seconds, but grouped it takes 2 mins, this is happening regardless of preview on/off (ratio wise). The above shows 2 fully grouped elements getting Element Geometry.

I think you are describing a different process in dynamo, but i agree speed is good.

We have ‘Group Elements’ to extract group content. Is it faster if you connect ‘Element Geometry’ after it?