Element Geometry By Subcategory - 1. Solution exception:'Line' object has no attribute 'GetInstanceGeometry'

I realize this is an in progress gh python solution for the interim. That being said, I would figure it is typical for families to contain symbolic line work. This specific instance a, complex curtain panel, has symbolic linework to show the hinging of the operable vent. I confirmed these are symbolic lines not model lines. A Line is still geometry, merely 2d instead of 3d, could it still be gathered and output? or don’t try to extract line geometry at all?

2021-07-21 08_47_46-Window

Thanks, -Mark

Hi @mrainville,

There is a built-in component that should return you the Categories if you add that output.
Is not there always for performance reasons, but if you need it just zoom in and add it.

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Thank you! I will look for the hidden outputs in the future. Much appreciated, that does just what I was looking for.