Elefront - Leader Style not baked


I’m having some issues baking the Leaders with the DimStyle.

The Elefront component (Define Leader) shows the correct preview of the leader, but when I bake it the DimStyle is somehow set on the CurrentAnnotationStyle.

The DimStyle (Test01, Test02, Test03) are all different.

This is the first time it has happened to me.

Am I missing a step?

Elefront version 4.2.2
Rhino version 7.8.21

Thank you for the support.

cc @elevelle

Just jumping on to this to report I’m having the same problem… any work around would be helpful…

I noticed that if you set the DimStyle in Rhino, elefront would bake the leader with that DimStyle correctly.
This means that for each leader, with a different DimStyle, you have to force the style from Rhino.

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I think I understand, the DimStyle is controlled by the current DimStyle set in Rhino? Is slightly annoying as I’m trying to bake multiple text labels with different styles.

Thanks for the reply though @m.manno ~ I’m looking at the python script in this post as an alternative… If I get it to work I’ll post a reply here. Extra Feature: Select Dimension Style - Grasshopper

seems like a bug. as a workaround you could bake to different layers, then select afterward and change the dimension style manually or run another script to set by layer

@rhinouser11 Could be. Looks like McNeel changed how the Annotation base class worked after Rhino 5. Couldn’t figure out the method for changing the Dimension Style in Python either. Might have to resort to a two-step process like you suggested.

That’s very annoying. Maybe @AlanTai can help?

Leader style is ignored when baking.

Below is a file for testing:

21_11_08_elefront_leader_problem.gh (15.9 KB)