Elefront - Errors with dimensions

Just tried the example file from the Elefront website using the latest RhinoBeta (2Jan.) and I have some errors:

  1. Solution exception:Method not found: ‘Double Rhino.Geometry.AnnotationBase.get_NumericValue()’.

  2. Solution exception:Method not found: ‘Void Rhino.Geometry.LinearDimension.set_DimensionStyleIndex(Int32)’.

How I can fix this errors? Maybe Elefront need an update for Rhino6?

Looks like it broke along with an SDK change. Either elefront need to release an update or we need to put that method back in. @stevebaer is this method still compatible with the way annotations work in R6?

I don’t know yet. I do have a YT issue to try and put some SDK functions back in place that Elefront needs. This won’t be done for the initial release of 6.0, but hopefully soon after in a service release

Hi Steve. Do you made some progress on porting this Elefront components to Rhino6? I’m eager to use them ASAP.

Thank you.

Did you install Elefront 4.0 (22 February 2018) ?
It seems to work for me

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Well i guess we can upgrade to 6 now :slight_smile:

Thank you Elefront.

You have changed the game.

Thank you for pointing to the new release. What I was looking for. Didn’t expected to be released so soon, but glad it is, and so far seems to work good with Rhino6.

Have somebody some tutorials on how to use-it as there are not to many tutorials in internet regarding Elefront. I want to learn as mach as possible on how to use-it and on youtube it is only a few old, low resolution videos whom I can’t understand very well.

It is a bit long but the resolution is not a problem. It is a practical application from beginning to end. I use it now. I discovered worksession and some other tricks.

The concept at the end is quite simple. I struggle a bit with data tree and with the fact that components destroy user string data. But they are grasshopper difficulties not Elefront

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I’ve been using Elefront extensively for over 6 months and looking to pay if forward by helping others as much as i can. Eventually i will post full projects and setups to assist others in the AEC and fabrication industries.

i now see rhino/gh as a no brainer over; catia, revit, autosad ect

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As I’m working on design/fabrication field I will appreciate to have more resources to learn Elefront. I’m specially interested in automatig generation of drawings and files export (dxf) for fabrication.

Thank you for replay. Unfortunately this video is one of the few resources to learn Elefront from and I don’t fully understand the workflow involved. Maybe somebody with more experience with Elefront can share some good video tutorials.

i can help! just not at the moment. I have no problem sharing once i get get my head above water. It all works rather well though, so any learning you can do on your own right now is worthwhile. That video is where i started.

Here you have :slight_smile:


That’s a fantastic resource, i had to figure it all out on my own. I’m going to recommend it as our in-house training.

Thank you for pointing to this course. Very useful.

… wanted to report that i cant load the rhino part of the elefront- plugin (6.2) … so dimensions dont work for me either.
baking/ ref by bake name does work though… awesome plugin btw!