Elefront Dot bake frenzy

I bake a bunch of geometry with Human’s bake and dots with the Elefront bake, all from the same boolean trigger.
While the geometry comes with unitary elements as expected, it seems that Elefront bakes dozens of dots.

Why ?

component graphing issue?

Hello Rickson,

Thanks for your answer, but I’m affraid I’m not familiar with the concept of component graphing.
Could you explain ?

Update on my investigations : If I bake ONLY the dots, then there is only one occurence of each dot, as expected.
When the geometry is baked along with the dots, it takes longer, and the boolean toggle that triggers the bakes stays longer on “True” state.
It is like if the Elefront Bake component had some kind of “timer” which triggers bakes at a certain frequency while the trigger is set to “True”.


Apparently, this has been solved in the latest Elefront version.

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