Elefront : Crashing Rhino

I have a 37 MB file with nested blocks.
The “Reference Blocks By Name” component, when connected to the full list of blocks will crash Rhino almost every time.
I tried using the “Top level” option to drastically shorten the list, but there you go : crash after crash.

…and there’s also that strange tooltip message :

The option says something about referenced objects, and the tooltip about auto-update.
When this option is checked, nothing gets through…

Is your preview on? Have you split or partitioned the list and noticed difference in areas? a certain bad block perhaps?

The referenced objects is referring to worksession elements.

Yes it is. I want to use Grasshopper to retrieve, synthesize and display data from my blocks.
How can I do that if the preview is off ?
Hiding the component helps, but I understand that you have to disable completely the preview off GH objects to really save memory and processing.
I hope GH2 improves on that in the sense that only the objects that you make visible should tax the system, not the hidden ones.

No, but that seems daunting, and yet, his isn’t a large model by our standards.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a “bad block”, but I exploded them (ExplodeBlock with the “AllBlocks” option) and no bad objects were found.

Hmmm “Referenced objects” in the context of Grasshopper …what a poor choice of words.
I suggest “Worksession referenced objects” instead.

Have you tried referencing the blocks without sorting? You could still sort them afterwards

Hi Martin,
By sorting, do you mean the filtering of only “Top level” blocks ?
Yes, I have tried, and it crashes even more readily.

Actually, just setting the component to “Hidden” solved the crashing.
Disabling the GH preview does that too and makes execution faster, but as I explained, this would defeat the purpose of my definition.

no, I thought withouth the Sort Text component.

Like this:

OK, I tried that : got rid of text sorting, then I set the filter to “All” blocks and the preview on : CRASH.
And a nice one too : no error message, nothing ; Rhino just vanishes, and the fans sto whrirring frantically.

The crashy factor is the setting of the “Reference Blocks By Name” component to “Visible”.

Does the Rhino’s Crash Report window open?

It seems like something bad happens in the display pipeline.

I don’t know if InstanceManager does better.

Nope, I don’t even get this solace.

I gave it a try some time ago and was under the impression it was not working properly.
I might need to check it out again…

It seems Elefront won’t cache geometry for blocks and probably leads to a jammed or crashing display pipeline.

Yeah, it’s a shame that Elefront is so crash-prone ; I like the logic of it’s components.
“Reference blocks by name” for example would be ab.fab. if it was more robust.

Let me see if I can write a quick hack. If possible, could you PM me a minimal example?