Elefront Block with Multiple Colours - Help -

Hi There,

first off as my first time posting, I’d like to thank everyone in the rhino/grasshopper community, this the first time I have come looking for an answer to a question and not found it in previous posts, so thanks to you all for being so interested in helping each other and generous with your time!

I’m trying to create an automated 2D sign creation process. I have used Bumblebee to pull information from an Excel, and what I would ultimately like to do is; use the excel information to create multiple boards with different information on it, and then export them individually as a pdfs (the closest I’ve gotten is DWG).

I’ve been using Elefront for this (I think this or Human is what I need?) but I have reached the end of my knowledge when it comes to creating a block with more than one colour in it. As you can see from the table some of the signs will be backed in purple with white text. Can anyone help me in improving this approach, or suggesting a different approach if that’s what is needed.
Excuse the definition I still have not gotten the complete hang of visual programming, so anywhere in the definition that anyone can suggest improvements is great.
Thanks in advance!


signs.3dm (637.2 KB)

Pull from sheet_04_export_test_With Colour.gh (43.2 KB)

why do they need to be blocks?

RE_Pull from sheet_04_export_test_With Colour.gh (44.5 KB)
RE_signs.3dm (908.2 KB)

Supposedly you can export .pdf right here as well but i haven’t had any luck.

Fortunately Fabtools Layout Manager still works in R6.

Thanks a million for this! I’m still using rhino 5 so I can’t see the definition work, but I can work back from the screen grab, assuming you have assigned an export key with a number to each item and using that to group the objects.
I was sure there was another way to reference the geometry as a packet without creating blocks. Thanks again!

Yup, it just has to be properly branched.