EleFront Beta only in Rhino 8

I want to have the new Beta only in Rhino 8 and not in Rhino 7.

I created a folder called ‘8’ and put the 5.0.4 folder into a subfolder called ‘Libraries’

That seems to work in Rhino 8

Now the folder I set in the Rhino 8 Grasshopper Developer settings shows up in the Grasshopper Developer settings in Rhino 7. I can’t delete it, so I changed it to the Libraries folder and EleFront Beta did not show up in Rhino 7 once. After closing and opening the setting was back to the folder ‘8’.

What is the solution to have Elefront Beta only in Rhino 8?

I remember with Rhino 5 and 6 there was a thing to add a ‘no’ in the filename / extension…

Is there even a way to make plugins compatible with Rhino 8? The .net code was updated for V8 and I have been having trouble getting some popular addons to work, in the V7 WIP, it was pretty straightforward.

Elefront runs in Rhino 8

@krahimzadeh or @elevelle is there a solution to only load eleFront beta in Rhino 8.

I don’t want to use or see eleFront beta in Rhino 7.

Please, it would be really helpful.

Hi @martinsiegrist I believe this would be a request for advice from McNeel. R6, R7, and R8 use the same folder and what appears to be the same file for grasshopper settings such as the developer settings as you noticed above. We would need some way to distinguish which component to load when launching Grasshopper depending on the version of Rhino that is running. A couple of places to start to look for this may be some startup script that launches when Rhino stars that modifies the GH developer settings folder locations (if this is possible) or seeing how Rhino.inside deals with loading certain components when launched from inside the parent application. Just throwing some ideas out there, not sure they are good ones!

The extension you are recalling is adding .no6 to a file with the same name as the component you don’t want to load in to Rhino 6 or later. This still works, but restricts the component from loading in R6, R7, and R8, which is not what you want.

Thanks for the reply, Evan.

Regarinding .no6, is there something like .no7 ?

Who at McNeel should we tag now?

ha, i already tried .no7 just to see and no dice! Not sure who to tag.


@stevebaer could you please take a look at this or suggest someone else?

The goal is to keep eleFront Beta from loading in Rhino 7 and have it load just in Rhino 8 / WIP.

Could the GrasshopperIgnorePlugin function be updated with an option .no7 ?



A workaround may be try using the package manager to install the components in R6, R7, and R8. You can then just go to the folder location and remove the components that you don’t want to load.

Packages appear here on Windows: C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages

I’d like to try that but can’t seem to find eleFront beta in the Package Manager yet?

I deleted the 5.0.4 folder from the Package Manager in Rhino 7 and pasted it into the Package Manager folder of Rhino 8.

eleFront beta doesn’t show up in R7 but unfortunately it also doesn’t load in Rhino 8 / WIP

@martinsiegrist - I just made a 8.0 folder in the packages folder and move the eleFront beta from the 7.0 folder to here and it works as you requested. Hacky, but gives you the desired effect.





give it a whirl!

Thanks for helping me @elevelle

The package manager is the way to go. I would recommend asking devs to publish their plug-ins to the package manager.

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Ok so this is confusing. After I shut down and restart my machine, Rhino 8 deletes eleFront 4.2.2

These are my Grasshopper Developer settings in Rhino 7

And below are my Grasshopper Developer settings in Rhino 8

Is it possible to have the \packages\7.0 folder not show up in the settings for Rhino 8?

It would make sense to have separate Grasshopper Developer settings for R7 and R8…

I would remove all of the references to separate directories in GrasshopperDeveloperSettings. This feature is really only intended for developers writing plug-ins and being able to debug them locally. The package manager should handle all of the ghas installed in the packages directory for you.

I deleted the folders in the Grasshopper Developer settings.

Basically the workaround @elevelle suggested above means installing both eleFront 4.2.2 and 5.0.4 in Rhino 7 and then moving the 5.0.4 folder from the package manager folder 7.0 to the 8.0 folder.

I did that three times now and while it seems to work when doing this with Rhino 7 and 8 open at the same time, after restarting the computer unfortunately Rhino 8 WIP deletes eleFront:


That’s it. I’ll wait until eleFront is available in the package manager.

Just to be clear, eleFront is available in the package manager upto R7. We have not tested in R8 yet, thus not made it available for the package manager for R8.

When there is time, we will update to the WIP version. But for now, what I have described is the only workaround for your specific use case. I tested restarting Rhino, but not the computer.

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Yes I meant I’ll wait until it is available in the package manager in Rhino 8.

Looking forward to it