Elefront and BIM export

I wonder if anyone has some experience with Elefront (or any other Grasshopper tool suited to manage object attributes), and exports IFC (BIM) files ?
In particular, I’m curious as to how the User Text attributes can be converted to IFC properties.

VisualArq can export IFC files, but does not store object attributes in User texts.

Curious to hear about other workflows…

I use Elefront extensively, but alas do not have an IFC process. All sheets and drawings are managed in Rhino/GH.

I have been exporting User Text to excel and generating pivot tables and such, which works great.

and i need to export to IFC.

Any progress? I see that Geometry gym can do this, but like you said, i would rather just assign attributes and export to ifc json or something.


Hi all, you can use VisualARQ Custom Parameters for assigning data to geometry and export them as ifcProperties. Unlike UserTexts, VisualARQ custom parameters are typed parameters and are exported as ifcProperties.
As @osuire points out, right now the userTexts are not stored to VisualARQ objects, although we are working to fix this. If you have some UserTexts already created and assigned to geometry you can create custom parameters with the same name. Then you can get the UserText Data and re-assign it to geometry as custom parameters. This workflow can be done either in Rhino or in Grasshopper.
In this webinar (minute 32’) it’s explained how to create custom parameters in GH and assign values to data (beams in that case): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp6AnuMj3Ro&feature=youtu.be&t=32m18s

Hi, Could you be so kind to explain me how do you export User Text to excel? Thank you!

in grasshopper you collect the usertexts using Elefront or Human generally, then use the NPOI plugin to save the xls

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Thank you!
I thought there is a specific Elefront component exporting/reading data to/from Excel!