Elefront 5.1.1 - Object reference not set to instance of object

Simple bake test

Same issue here… Legacy bake works fine

@michaelvollrath this was addressed in another thread. Should be fixed in 5.1.2

Thanks for the response @elevelle !

Unfortunately, 5.1.2 is the version I am running and still returning the error.

Two questions:

  1. do your trees match?
  2. do you have any null or bad objects you are trying to pass?

Those two issues represent 99% of the problems.

If you want, you and DM me your definition and someone will look at it.

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@elevelle There was null value in the list, clean tree sorted it and now it’s baking fine.

Thank you!!

Did legacy bake accept the nulls?

If i recall yes, but was a good vector for error so…now it fails.

Makes sense, thanks again for the help