Electrical Board with many parts: What's the lightest to manipulate?

I have a Electrical Board part which contains many sub. features.
Using Boolean to make it into one part now, but
is there another way to make manupulating faster?

Join? Block? do those make the process load lighter?

IF all you need are placeholders then the fastest and lightest is to mesh them and join the meshes into just a few large meshes. (organize the meshes based on render color (all steel is one, all yellow are an other) or do it by type, all depending on what you need it for)

I often have to reference in large architectural buildings and then I just hide all I don’t need and mesh the rest (or use extractrendermesh) and joins the parts up, sometimes based on layer) and then I call that file xRef_something.3dm and insert it into the other file. That way I don’t have to save the large mesh in every version of the file I am working on. Which is good when I work on Dropbox etc.

And you don’t have to mesh everything. If you need the circuit board as a nurb then keep that so you can snap to centers etc.