ElectRA Battery Electric Tugboat

A recent set of renders for a new battery electric tug.


Cool work :slight_smile:

This is a great piece of work, beautiful on several levels. How in the world did you do it?!?

Awesome work! How big are the :battery: :battery: :battery: ? :smiley:


A naval architect in the office did most of the modeling and then I did added some details like the anodes on the hull (ArrayCrvOnSrf command on a projected line!), lettering, graphics, etc. I imported the materials from a library I created and then it was rendered with Flamingo nXt 5.5 using just the sun as a light source.

Thank you! I can’t give out any details on this project. A press release is in the works! Check back here in a week or two: News - Robert Allan Ltd.

Very nice work. Well done!

Nice tug but I would hate to see the price tag on that set of batteries! Harbor tug for sure. I did a Fireboat/Tug for the big Venezuelan refinery years back and I was still using OCTANE render and was really happy with this look. Not sure how Hugo liked it though…

For some reason, it was really important to show the tug with the big bridge across Lake Maricaibo in the background. I was surprised to find a 3d model of in on 3DWarehouse that served to geolocate the renders.

Maybe I will fire up the old render model and give it a go in Cycles for comparison.

I like to start with no waterplane so the full hull and prop/rudder installations can be seen. This was sort of a ducks eye view with the camera right at the waterplane that has a displacement may to create the wake and a bit of swell.


Cool, we’ve done some tugs for PDVSA as well: https://ral.ca/2014/06/05/first-class-new-addition-rastar-family/

Yours definitely has a vintage look to it. What year was that?

That had to be 10 years or so ago. I think it was more of a push boat meant as a fireboat rather than an offshore tug like yours.

Yea the twin screw configuration would be good for that role. I like it - it looks tough!

WOW! What a scoop rock! And if you add a foil with a lot of surface and camber?
Very well executed!

…lol…great job

This is beautiful work and important work considering how polluting conventional tugs are.

But also, and I really really don’t mean to trivialize this: this thing is adorable. It’s cute!

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Nic to see the public announcement and product page !


Nice work!