El Capitan crash

The installation process for my new Space Navigator crashed el capitan. the computer won’t restart, even after re-installation of el capitan.

3DConnexion support won’t help because they say that they don’t support Space Navigator with Rhino for Mac - even though it was the installation process that caused the crash.

While Rhino is not involved here…I’m new to all this…and I wondered if anyone has run into this issue.

Can anyone offer any advice please?


Have you got the latest drivers? Since only the latest drivers (2015-10-09) added support for 10.11 El Capitan.

I have successfully installed the Space Navigator with El Capitan about 10 days ago. No problem (I have not tried with Rhino), only advice to make sure not to have older drivers installed 3Dconnexion. If necessary, remove all the drivers and install only the latest. From about 5 days using Space Mouse Pro on Maverick 10.9.5 and Rhino. No problem with the operation of the operating system.


Thanks guys.

When I get the machine going (somehow) I’ll make sure of the drivers.


What error did you get when starting / restarting?
What have you don before? El Capitan running fine for a while till the installation of the space navigator?
Have you installed a SSD and using TrimEnabler?
Have you tried all “magic” as save boot, PRAM / NVRAM reset, SMC reset and so on?

HI Toby.

There was no error message - after the restart running the installation disc the machine doesn’t boot up. It flips to a white screen with the prohibited logo.

Things were running normally before.

I tried all the start procedures I found on Apple fora but none works.

I have a tech calling today to see if he can fix things.

Thanks for your help.


well…erased the machine re-installed el capitan got the latest drivers for the space navigator…this took a number of days of course…incl re-installing a clean backup…
did i really want to risk it all again?

OF COURSE!!! lol

well everything is now working well.

Thanks again to all responders.