Egg shaped solid

Hi, I want to create an egg shaped solid by using the boolean difference, but it seems doesnt work. Any help?

egg shaped solid.3dm (150.6 KB)

Hi @Rj1,

Do you mean that you want to difference the egg from the block, leaving an egg-shaped void in the block? If so, you will find plenty of previous posts on this topic…

As Rhino is a surface modeler, it needs a surface intersection to do the difference. If one surface is completely enclosed by the other, but there is no contact, then the difference cannot work.

You can either split the block in two so that the new surfaces intersect the egg and difference the egg from each half, or you can connect the egg surface to the block surface with a microscopically wide tube.
Here is the result of the former, opened up to show the inside:

And here is the second, once the egg is removed:

I hope I haven’t misunderstood your intent. If instead you mean that you just want a solid egg, then you already have one. Basically a solid is a closed surface and your egg is such.