Efficient way to create pipe, sweep 1 or similar

I have a few surfaces created with sweep 1 or pipe, both ways to create take a long time to complete.
I have seen there are mesh pipe and mesh sweep tools with the mesh tools component but this is not listed as an allowed component.
Any recommendations on a more efficient way to sweep or extrude a profile curve along a rail, preferably as a mesh.
I have tried rebuilding the rail with as few control points as possible.

Pufferfish has them in V2.9 (I cant remember if V2.9 is allowed with Shapediver, I know some version of Pufferfish is).

Thank you Michael.
I’ve just checked and 2.9 is allowed.
I will check the components tomorrow, I am guessing it’s one of the twisted box components as I can not see a sweep 1 or pipe mesh

Just seen “parameter pipe mesh”, I would imagine this is the component I would need

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You can also try our LoftMesh and OffsetPolyline C# components to re-create the pipe. These video tutorials could give you some ideas, source files are available for download in the descriptions:

Thank you Pavol.
I settled with using the pufferfish component parameter pipe mesh with the curve rebuilt as a PolyLine to a tolerance. This gives a really fast solution compared to the sweep 1 or similar methods which do not generate mesh’s and we’re taking a very long time to process.