Educational License download RH50 to RH6B


I am interested in testing the WIP for many of the features. Is it possible to download with my educational license? The standalone license calls for a RH6B while I have a RH50.

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The download link from this post asks for your RH50 key. Does that work?

Thanks for the response. Yes, that is where I downloaded the WIP from and entered my RH50 license key.Unfortunately, after I have downloaded and installed it it prompts me to enter in a RH6B upon opening the software.

The license for R6 should have been e-mailed to you.

Have you checked your eMail? The RH6B key is mailed to you at the address you provided.

Perfect, I overlooked that email. I appreciate it.

I did not receive the secondary email for the RH6B License (yes I checked my spam). I was told I could acquire it here on the discussion board. Any help would be appreciated. I would love to get started. Thank you!

Nope. You will have to send an eMail to to get that sorted.

If you go to the “Welcome to Serengeti” message and just apply again, the tool will give you your RH6b key code again:

This solved it for me. Thank you!

Under the link: Welcome to Serengeti it says:

  • Your Rhino 6 license key.

Is it still possible to participate with a Rhino 5 licence key?
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No, the WIP for the next Rhino installment requires a valid Rhino 6 license.

Oh that’s a pity

Thank you for your answer anyway.