EditPythonScript on mac missing, what about InstallPyScript while we wait?

I would like to distribute a Python script to students, and so far, they have been using them with the RunPythonScript command. It works allright, but what I would really need is a good way of installing the script as a command for everyone, since they will be using it as a command and not developing it. Would it be possible to get a InstallPyScript that would automatically copy it into the right location, or even better, drag and drop?

Or just make RhinoScriptCompiler mac-compatible =)

Well, net exactly drag and drop, but if you get them to open the “standard” scripts folder in their library and drop the script in there, they can then run the script with _RunPythonScript Scriptname. Have them make an alias for that, it will run like a command…

The standard script folder is located at:

~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Scripts
I recommend putting an alias on the desktop for that, then you can drag and drop scripts into it…