EditPythonScript hangs my Rhino 6.32

I tried disabling all plugins, safe mode, and repair installation. But whenever I launch EditPythonScript in Rhino 6.32, Rhino hangs. Any other things I can try?

systeminfo.txt (2.2 KB)

Hoi Gijs -

I am assuming that this means that you can’t interact in any way with that dialog box or with Rhino, and that, even after waiting for a longer period of time, the only way to exit Rhino is to end the task in the Task Manager.

If that is the case, please create a dump file from the Rhino process in the Task Manager. That might give a developer a bit more information.

@wim indeed, but I don’t even get to see the Python editor window. I’ll send you the dmp file my pm via wetransfer as it is about 350MB zipped

@wim, hmm, strange. I’ve waited a long time and now it opened up the editor. Now when I reopen Rhino 6 and the Python editor it works again as expected

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