Editing topography (mesh) R6

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What would be the best way to edit that topography ? (The topography is a mesh made from countour lines). I need to precise some areas (like add road footprints). Actually I can’t refined all the mesh and edit the verticies, it would make the model too heavy…

I found a similar post here which didn’t fully answer my question, as It doesn’t seems to be an optimal methode.

As I’m using R6, I can’t use the T-spline for R5, which I finally get used to… SubD look not included in R6 / no tools…

As mentionned by @pascal here, I can convert this mesh into a smoother mesh with the command SubDFromMesh . Which is a good start. But I can convert all this mesh into a SubD, too heavy to edit :confused:


You are right that there’s no real SubD tools in R6, but your R6 license allows you to download and experiment with R7 WIP, which is where all the current SubD development is going on.

Hi CC - it looks like what you really need is RhinoTerrain or similar.



That’s what I was looking earlier in the afternoon, Rhinoterrain seems a really great plugin for rhino… I’m already working with GIS plugins in grashopper (meerkat, gismo, elk, etc…). The issu is always where you get your data from… often imprecise. I’m really curious where Rhinoterrain is getting its data from.

As an architecture student, for now, I’m only looking to edit precisely a mesh (topography) for the project I’m working on. An Atm I struggle with the specific surface I extract and I want to modify.

I turned on points of the mesh, but I struggly selecting them -.-'. When I try to create a selection area, it keeps moving the whole mesh… editpointsON command is for curve, is there anything similar for mesh/srf ?

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Hi CC - in Options > Mouse page turn off the setting that allows selection of objects that have points on.

Also, there are selection tools that will help:

SelBundary (make a curve first)



ahhh amazing. thank you for pointing that out. That Selbrush Is what I was looking for :wink:

Also, how can I rebuild this mesh ? to refine it ? add more control points ?
And by any chance, is there any plugin allow me to do something similar as Zbrush / painting with a brush to lift or down points ?

Thank you pascal !

With Weaverbird (http://www.giuliopiacentino.com/weaverbird/) you can make the mesh denser (more vertices) with subdivision, it that is what you want. if you want an isotropic mesh, you can Remesh using OpenFlipper, which is very stable also on meshes which Rhino considers “invalid”.

// Rolf

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Pascal, RhinoTerrain development seems to be stalled. I’ve been given the impression that he (they?) is/are more concentrated on other projects.
Is there a version for Rhino 6? The latest news on the website is dated 2014. I know there was a version for Rhino 5.

Rolf, it says here that Wb is now only working in GH… :confused:

I manage to make this work with Gh but I rather want to work everything in rhino…


So guys. here is what I end up with…

A more refined mesh with points that I can edit… Its not efficient at all :/. First I can’t barely see the mapped image on topography because of the editing points, And I don’t have much control over certain areas…

There is certainly another way… any ideas :slight_smile: ? More like this @Micha ?

… I miss my old T-spline :sob:

You have a mesh structure and a detail, that isn’t aligned to the global mesh. So, you would need a cleaned up area around your detail, so that you can recreate a simplified and clean detail.

I know this problem as a general modelling problem. So, my client of design seats for air planes and trains. At the end the like to add seams and creases/folds. But the structure of the global geometry doesn’t match the detail structure.

In your case you could cut out the area of the object of interest and around. Add a simpliefied, clean version like you like and now create a mesh connection between the terrain and the object like I did in the past.

Thanks @micha. I don’t really figure out rebuild a good mesh without Tspline that will allow me to have detailed areas (sush near the road, or other specific places). Exactly what you did here.

Also I saw a preview of the Clayoo plugin which seems fantastic… But I definitly cannot affort this plugin… I hope Rhino 7 will integrate some of the features in.


Hi @nick - I just came across your post and thought I’d mention that Rhinoterrain is in active development! They went through some changes at the management level, so they haven’t given their website much love lately. You can contact the new CEO, Frédéric Thomas. They have a V6 plugin that will be shipped soon.

Thanks! We look forward to the new release.