Editing the 3D Scan of my Foot in Rhino

Dear Rhino users,

I would like to know how you would edit the geometry of a 3D scan.
A couple of weeks ago, I managed to generate a detailed 3D scan of my foot by using a photogrammetry software. After importing the model into rhino, I successfully reduced the density of the mesh (see screenshot). It is light enough to make a polysurface out of it. Unfortunately, I have not found the right tools yet in order to modify the model’s geometry. Can you help me here?

I work with an old version of rhino: 4.0


Try Corporate support.


Good one @Fred_C :joy:

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@Newbee, please don’t ask for support for cracked software. Support software development, and buy Rhino or use the demo.


can you share the model, i can try making it into a low poly model