Editing RhinoObject grips via UI actually deletes the object

So a very basic example. Let’s take a Curve:

Drag/edit it by dragging the Grips, and that actually fires the RhinoDoc.DeleteRhinoObject event.

Is that expected behavior? Is there a way to get the new RhinoObject that was created by the Grip dragging?


Hi @ksobon,

Yes, this is true. The RhinoDoc.DeleteRhinoObject event is fired because the original object is being deleted (e.g. moved to the Undo stack). A RhinoDoc.AddRhinoObject should follow.

– Dale

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I see. So this is also raising a ReplaceRhinoObject event. That is followed by Deleted and Added events. Sounds good to me. I think I can do what I need with these.