Editing render options cause mesh setttings reset (R5, R6 64)


often I have seen that after I edited the render resolution of Rhino and I close the options the message “Creating meshes… Press Esc to cancel” is shown. In this case the mesh settings are reset. I have seen this effect at Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 beta.


HI Micha - Hmmm - is this the only thing in Options that triggers the ‘creating meshes’ message? Other options? Just open and close Options? Is there anything like EdgeSoftening etc. in use on the objects?


I know, it are not enough infos to catch the bug. Also it not always. Bad situation for hunting the bug. It’s a pity that R6 shows the same behavior. I will keep my eyes open.


Today at R5 again. Follow situation: I’m working with Vray and did some landscape rendering (w1600 h1000). Output size controlled by Vray. Than I disabled “override viewport” at the Vray options. Now I opened the Rhino render option and switched from viewport resolution to custom - here I set a portrait format like w1000 h1600. I close the options, command line shows updating settings and create mesh. If I repeat this at the same Rhino session than nothing happens, no remeshing.