Editing preset material..?

Wondering if there is a way to edit a pre-existing material I.E. gem

I dont see a way to change color / transparency etc etc…

Hoping to clone / copy this and make edits to a new material based off the parent.


Hello - if you change the material type to ‘Custom’, that will open up all the various editing fields.


So make a custom material from scratch? I was hoping to clone presets from the gem and go from there…

is that possible?

Hello - edit the gem material, and change its type from gem to Custom.


Actually, if you’re on Rhino 7 you’d better change it to Physically Based Material.

For Gem you change the type between the different jewel stones - that changes the color. If these colors don’t work for you then change the material type to Physical Based Material. This material is better suited for further adaptation than Custom.

In the Physically Based Material you’d then change the base color.