Editing of multiple layers in Layout and detail layer panel - always only one layer

I’ve noticed an inconsistency in multiple selection of layers. Whereas multiple selection and editing more layers at once works in Model layer panel, when trying to select and edit layers in Layout and detail layer information (fe. turn on and off) it always affects only one layer. Is there a chance to achieve the same behaviour as it is in the model layer panel?

It gets really complicated because of the Mac multi-document model. It’s much easier in Windows…

Can you please supply a simple example file and step by step instructions to follow that illustrate the issue? If I can reproduce it here, then I have something specific I can get to the developers.


Sure, see the file attached and instructions:

  1. go to layout
  2. select fe. layers 01,02,03,04 in model layer panel
  3. turn them off with clicking the light bulb - works ok, turn on
  4. select the same layers in layout and detail layer panel
  5. when hitting the light bulb here, only one layer is turned off

Desired behaviour: the same as it is within the model layer panel > all the selected layers are turned off / turned on

pdf batch.3dm (3.2 MB)

Let me know if you can reproduce this on mac.

Got it.
I can repeat it. It’s okay in Windows but not on Mac.
Probably because in Mac, it’s a separate panel.


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I did go back and tried it again in 6.24.
The saved named positions were stripped from the file there too.
Very odd.