Editing Layout Dimensions Crash

WIP Version 6 WIP (6.13.19016.16066, 2019-01-16)

I can not edit Layout dimensions text box without crashing.
Seems to be 100% repeatable on my end. Working with both existing or new files.

Go into layout add dimension
click on dimensions
go to properties type new text in dimensions edit box < >.
click back on layout… crash.

Hi Jason - works here… I changed the text that is normally shown as “<>” in Properties - correct? Does this happen in a new file? If not, can you send us a file that shows this? Are you using a non-default annotation style?



It does not matter what file I use. I have made a short video on what I am seeing.
This was a fresh document where I made a simple cube and when straight into layout.
I place a dimension, set the style, and change the dimension. Clicking back onto the layout crashes the document. I have repeated this 100% of the time. It does this for all default and custom styles.

Hi Jason - thanks for the clip - I was not changing the style in my test - I’ll try that.