Editing imported wrl files

Hi all,

I am new in Rhino 3D, I have uploaded a wrl file, but unable to do any editing such as trimming.

I don’t really know how to go about this problem. Any ideas?



Hi Inti- wrl files will be mesh files, not surfaces, so you’ll need to use the Mesh related commands - see the Mesh menu for these. (MeshTrim, MeshSplit and many others) Mesh handling is not as robust as a rule in Rhino as dealing with surfaces, its primary task.


Hi Pascal,

I tried, and I am still not succeeding in trimming/splitting the object. I can select where I want the object to be trimmed or split; however, I feel like I’m just selecting but nothing is happening.

I selected the object (turns yellow), then I left click and drag to create an area of trimming and enter. Is that correct?

Hi Inti - see help on Trim and MeshTrim for an idea of the workflow. You need at least two objects - an object to trim and a cutting object.