Editing Imported Mesh layers, Rejoined sections after a middle section is deleted


Hello, (I am new to Rino) I am trying to figure out how to bring mesh sections back together after deleting a section from the middle of a mesh. So if I have a mesh cylinder, and I remove the middle of the cylinder it is split into two sections but the mesh layer highlights both when i’m trying to translate on the z axis. (*i’m trying to create a shorter cylinder) 1. How do I make separate sections of mesh, 2. Is this the easiest way to do what i’m trying to do?

Thank you!


Hi Reid,

meshes do act a bit different in Rhino compared to regular NURBS geometry. To get two mesh parts sepererated after deleting the middle section you might try _SplitDisjointMesh command. Also note that you can _Join mesh objects which do not touch or intersect each other.

does that help ?



I knew it was something simple haha, working tired at 3am in my spare time makes this harder then it should be

Thank you!


hehe, sparetime has been disestablished over here long time ago :wink: