Editing/Fixing mesh made from point cloud

Hi folks!
I’m trying to make a mesh from a point cloud and instead of creating the mesh as a surface from the points making up the object, it’s connecting points from one side of the surface to the other and filling the hallow inside of the point cloud object. (for example, if the shape were a cube, it is connecting points from opposite sides of the cube instead of creating a surface-like mesh on the sides). The ultimate goal is to make a 3-D printable model.
Do any of you have ideas about why this is happening and how to fix it? I’m using the mesh patch function to create the mesh.

Hello - in Rhino, if you close a space with surfaces, with no ‘leaks’, you can get as printable mesh from the object- assuming it is valid… You do not need to think about the interior at all, just the ‘skin’, in order to print, whether it (the model you build) be a mesh or surfaces.


Hi Pascal,
When I meshed the point cloud using patchmesh, the mesh that was created filled the inside with mesh faces. I attached a photo, which shows the correct meshing on the surface on part of the object (bottom right), but the other half (top left) shows mesh faces through the middle of the object connecting points from either side. Why might this be happening?

Yeah… MeshPatch does not know about volume - you’ll want to select a subset of points for one side, another for the other side etc and then some cleanup.


Thank you for your help Pascal! How do I select a few points from each side instead of the entire entire point cloud to mesh? Also, is there a better tool than patchMesh to use for meshing a point cloud?
(Thank you for bearing with me, I’m relatively new to the software)

Hi Christina - hold Ctrl-Shift and select is the way to select ‘sub’objects’ That works with clicking and window selection as we all the Lasso command which might be the one to use here.