Editing curve in GH (Manage Curve Collection / Curve persistent data)

Under Crv command in GH, right click on it there is manage curve collection
How can I edit so that the pentagon become hexagon? i just want to edit the three polygons created under Crv

You can’t edit existing curves that way. You could supply different curves (hexagons) instead.

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i know this sounds like really dumb question. but how do you create new Crv command with three hexagons with the size of 10 m in Crv command in Grasshopper ?

I have been drawing hexagons in rhino and assign them to Crv model. I have been looking through Crv tutorial and no one is really clearly explaining.

Polygon component.

So Daniel (thank you Daniel) computed the below GH. The mesh is under Geometry Rhino file

The Crv command in it is grafted. and I want to know how to create new Crv with different info grafted (three hexagon 10 m each)

LATEST inflated_hex.gh (13.3 KB)

geometry.3dm (299.4 KB)

Look at the Polygon component connected to that Crv input. You can modify the number of sides (change from 5 to 6) and radius (size) there. The model you posted doesn’t have them.

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