Editing control points are not snapping

Occasionally when I used SolidPtOn for shifting objects/ polyobjects’ points, I cannot snap them to 2d lines (end, intersection, midpoint, etc). But I do not always notice this issue, so it seems that it works sometimes (or perhaps I just don’t pay attention and it never works). Is there a reason for the inability to snap to 2d lines when moving 3d objects’ points?


Hi Matt- it should work - as far as I can see it does here - do you have an example?


Yep, there’s the “sometimes”. I was in a file where the objects’ points did not snap. I copied all that geometry to another area in the file and it still did not snap. I exported that geometry to a small file to send to you. I opened the new file to double-check the non-snapping, and there you go, it DID snap. I went back to the first, large file, tried again, and it also snapped properly. So it’s gotta be a “sometimes-sometimes-not” issue, or a “time-to-close-the-file-and-restart” issue.