Editing component settings without opening the component dropdown

I’d like to control component settings accessible from the dropdown menu without actually right-clicking the component. My current solution is to use gates and make multiple components, but I’m working on a big definition and sketching ideas quickly; it got me thinking that maybe there is a nice hacky way to do this. Definitely open to writing some code to get it done, if someone would point me in the right direction…
Here’s an example: I want to control the text that says “Perspective.”

Maybe a python way to do this?
Added metahopper tag because it seems like it’s a metahopperish thing (?)

In the case of the Custom Preview component this property is exposed and can be manipulated with a short script. Different components will require different strategies to affect their right-click menu options.

The example here uses Metahopper to grab the component and then a script to manipulate its ViewportFilter property (as well as some cleanup stuff for consistency with the component UI behavior.)

 private void RunScript(object x, string y, ref object A)
    var comp = x as GH_CustomPreviewComponent;
    comp.ViewportFilter = y;
    comp.Message = y;

Change_Viewport_Filter.gh (5.2 KB)

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Thanks Andrew, this is super helpful.