Editing a title block visible in layouts produces fun effect

I have an exercise for my students that consists of drawing individual floor plans for a multi-story building. I created a title block in Top view (model space) with general information that is visible in all layouts, and it has a blank spot for the floor-specific name. In each layout, in layout space, the floor name is filled in (the rest is already visible as it is in model space and allowed to be visible in all the layouts).

Now, if I go into model space and modify any of the text that is in the title block, I get a ton of stuff reported to the command line for each modification I do. It looks like this:

Seems strange, is this intended behavior or did someone forget to turn off command line reporting for this type of operation?

PS the 60 character limit on topic titles is actually good, but surprised me, the ‘fun’ was supposed to be ‘funny’, but that made 62 characters… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

whuh?? I thought you were at the beach.

My guess of the moment is those messages are likely intended for debugging- I’ll see if I can reproduce it, thanks for the report.


I wish… :sunglasses:

I can send you the file via PM if you can’t…

Hi Mitch - thanks, I see it. It seems not to be related to the layout deal, here, but to any text editing. Ugh.
RH-65959 Text editing pollutes the command history


OK, cool, I had not seen that before, and as I was working with layouts I assumed that was the culprit.

RH-65959 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 12